Please note: my hosting account for this site will END in October 2018 so it may not be available after that date. I STRONGLY advise everyone to download ALL the samples before that date.
Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Your Thoughts

13th July 2013:
hello dave,
my name is dave and, while searching for interesting stuff, i found your page..... cool!!
i downloaded several archives, burned them and remixed a track with numark etc.
well, it sounds pretty nice... what i am questioning myself is, can i just use those samples for a noncommercial track? who owns the rights? thanks a lot...
greetings from koblenz, germany
Hello Dave,
As far as I am concerned you may do what you wish with the samples, I'm happy for you to use them. However I cannot say who owns the rights as most were compiled from various internet downloads.
My thinking is that as long as you are not making a lot of money from your music copyright is not an issue. And it may also be relevant if a source sample is very prominent in your composition.
Sorry I can't be of more help.
Best wishes - Dave.
P.s. I would love to put an mp3 link to your music on the site.

i would like to know if you like or don't like the track.
by the way this was a first test of putting these good old samples into an interesting order, there are many possibilitys i think. i could even think about a cooperation between artists, what do think about it. i guess this would be a smart idea.
cool you set it to the page, thanx a lot. i hope you like it....
greetings dave
Yes, very nice indeed, something like I would have done myself.
It has inspired me to dig out a large (7GB) archive of other 'soundtrack'type samples which I have been meaning to upload for ages. I'll let you know when it's available.

yes, cool, i'm looking forward to listening to new sounds :-) greetings


7th June 2013:
Hi, Dave, thanks for all your work!
I was going through the awesome sample collection you made, the Dusty one, and I had a question. In volume 1 of the Funk and Rare Groove Samples archive, sample DustyF1-break8 and DustyF1-break9(both are from the same break it seems to me) caught my ear, but I couldn't make the beat I wanted because there wasn't enough there! Do you by any chance know which song those two samples are from so I can see if there is more material to make my drum pattern?
Thanks so much!
Hello Jason,
Thanks for your e-mail. To be honest I am very thorough with my edits, so there are unlikely to be any more samples from that source.
However, I have assembled an archive of individual drum-hits from that breakbeat, see below. You should be able to use these to re-construct a usable beat. See how you get on with these.
Best wishes - Dave.

12th January 2013:
Hi Dave,
just came across your nice website with great vintage samples (any samples of rides by the way :)
We have on facebook user group benelux and amsterdam, and I wonder if I can make a small sample pack for people how like the page and them to download. And in a small word for more great samples, and then redirect to you website?
Would be nice
cheers martijn
www.martijnform.com ARTIST of Sounds, Words and Images. about.me/martijnform
Hello Martijn,
Thanks for the appreciation! Glad the samples could be of some use after sitting gathering dust on my hard-drive.
I have also had a dig around on my drives for classic Ride samples. Enjoy!

26th November 2012:
Hi Dave
My name is Roy
I'm a flamenco guitarist and I use your awesome samples from the website in my music. I wanted to ask you i you maybe have some good collections of flamenco footsteps samples?
TNX very much! Roy
Hello Roy,
Let me know if these are any good, just a few I had lying around. May benefit from some nice room reverb.
Best wishes - Dave.

TNX Dave!
These are just great.
I'll put your link in my website when I release some new stuff. TNX!
25th October 2012:
Just a quick email to say thank you for the free jazz/funk/rock samples, great work putting them together!

I have just finished making and uploading a track that uses almost entirely your samples, if you would like to check it out the link is:

its a drum and bass song and not to everyone taste but I hope you like it.
if also free if your interested lol
Great Stuff. Keep 'em coming...

18th March 2012:
Well, you don't know me, but I wanted to say THANKS A TON for all those cool samples you put up on the net.
Just the thing I was looking for. It will be an immense help in my musical endeavors!

Just wanted to say YOU ROCK!
Isaac Hughes,
Hello Isaac,
Thanks a lots for your e-mail, it's great to know people can find a use for all these sounds. There are a few nice gems in there if you look!
I you've got any of your finished songs up on the net please send me a link to put back on my site.
Best wishes
13th December 2011:
Hi Dave,
I've just started to record an album at home which will be released commercially.
May I use your samples in that production as well?
Best wishes,
A fat wad of money is not what you should be making if you are using Save`s free sound samples. Hello Boris,
You are welcome to use the samples in any way you wish, but please include a link back to my website dave40.co.uk , that is all I ask.
I should mention that many of the sounds are recorded by myself and are therefore royalty-free.
However, some are compiled from commercial sample libraries, so I cannot guarantee that they are all royalty-free. I would imagine this would not be a problem unless you are making loads of money from your music.
If you would like I could add a link to your production in exchange?
Best wishes
19th August 2011:
Your samples are pretty great, Im always looking for high quality sounds to make drum machines out of, and those did the trick. You can hear a song I made from them here:
Im developing a browser-based videogame called "MuhLando the Cheeky Monkey", and Im interested in using some of your samples as sound effects. I'd be happy to place a link to your site if you'd like.
Thanks again!
11th August 2011:
Dear Dave,
I am developing an iPad app called Visual Encyclopedia of Percussion Instruments.
For each instrument (106 instruments in total) I will show a small sample of the rhythm played with it. I will be willing to use a small audio sample from your finger cymbals samples to demostrate the finger cymbals. You (or your website) will be credited in the App. Please let me know if that is OK for you, and what is the author name to be credited.
Jose R. Castello
27th May 2011:
hi Dave ,
first -very thanks for this huge work of sampling and collecting this sounds,
what about leggaly of this sound can I use they in commercial purpose or just in personal way?
Hello aughh, As far as I am concerned you may use them in any way you like, though a link back to the website is always appreciated. Also maybe leave a comment on the website with a link to your music. Some of them were sourced from other libraries so I cannot be 100% certain they are copyright free, but I think this would only be an issue if you were making a lot of money from your music. Have fun with your music! Best wishes Dave.
16th November 2009:
Great thinkers engaged deep in thought - considering their suggestions to the site Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for putting in the time / effort to make these music resources available - nothing comes close to this variety and quality you've got here. word.
p.s. I'm sure I used some of your EXS24 instruments here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hI7H9Ft8LUE. I work at a place called Head Gear Animation. This film was the signal film for the Ottawa International Animation Festival. When I found your site I convinced Head Gear to let me do the music, since the film was done pro bono anyway.
23rd October 2009:
Hello Dave,
on your ubo website you wrote I should contact you about more classic wave sample libraries. I've downloaded the entire collection of your samples a couple of years ago and enjoyed them all. I produced a lot of songs with it, just check out this myspace site www.myspace.com/renegadesofjazz In `karabine` and `apple sauce` you may notice some of your samples. for example in karabine it is the orchestra brass/flute in the background and in apple sauce the piano break (btw. from what record is this piano? can you remember this? [It's probably Sarah Vaughan, Compact Jazz - Dave]) anyway, I'd like to know if you could send or post more samples? would be great if so. Cheers, David
30th April 2009:
I was looking at your website, with the sampler instruments on earlier (very useful and helpful thanks!). Was wondering about the unsorted wav files you mention as I am looking to build some samplers from scratch as part of a university assessment. Unedited wavs would be perfect source material and due to your range of instruments and quality or recordings wondered if it would be possible to access any of these.
Regards - Alex Arcger
[All the downloads on the samples page contain wav files, so there's plenty to choose from there - Dave]
6th January 2009:
I just wanted to say thank you for the great samples. I couldn't find another place to say it on your website. they are really excellent and fun to play around with.
Take care,
26th December 2008:
I found your samples this a.m., and thought I'd ask... You recommend placing the samples on a separate drive from the OS. Any experience storing them on an external drive (Firewire). BTW I'm using Logic/Garageband on a Mac.
Thanks! Happy Christmas!
Western Digital SATA hard disc drive installed with sata cable - recommended for superior audio performance Hi Andy,
I am not Mac user, but I would guess the same rules apply as for a PC.
If you are using a large number of samples in your song or the sampler is streaming the samples from disk (as opposed memory) you should really store them on a disk separate from the operating system. You will only really experience problems when you push the computer to it's limits with a large song - but you'll know because there will gaps in the audio and Logic will give error messages.
A separate drive also means it will be easier to keep it defragmented, thus enabling faster access to the sound files. If you keep your samples with the OS you will find everything will get mixed up together.

From my understanding of Firewire it should be fast enough for streaming audio, though I doubt USB is adequate - I use a SATA disk on my PC. One suggestion is to separate the extra drive into two partitions. The first for the recorded audio tracks and the second for your samples and exs instrument files.
For very best results ensure your critical audio files are stored on the first partition, on the inside of the disc platter. This means removing and archiving unused files and regularly defragmenting the drive.

One way to test how well your computer performs under stress is to create a song with ,say, 24 audio tracks and 24 exs samplers each continuously playing a separate wav/aiff file from the disk, without fx plugins. You can then keep an eye on the 'disk performance' indicator as you add extra tracks.
There are a great many articles on the internet about this subject so it is worth doing a little research. I am sure the Logic and Garageband forums have discussions on this subject.

Best - Dave.

p.s. I hope you can do something with the samples! Oh, and don't forget to back everything up, as disks do fail.
Hope you have a good 2009!
3rd December 2008:
As to suggestions, I can see you like doing slightly offbeat stuff so I'd really like:
  • a mouth organ
  • one of those toy plastic mouth organ things with keys (it produces a surpringly good sound which I used in a short film)
  • a mechanical street organ, ideally an organillo like is sometimes seen on the streets in Mexico (I know that would be difficult, but no harm in asking!)
  • A bit more SFX these:
  • door slams inc car doors, elevators etc.
  • electric motors whirring
  • electrical faults (buzzes, sparks)
  • lightning crashes
  • body punches, bones cracking!
Nice resource here: http://epicsound.com/sfx/ Cheers!
Karel Bata
14th September 2008:
Hello this is Oliver Ohene-Dokyi from Hamburg Germany!
I want to thank you very much for giving so much of your samples to the people! I'm a musician and do apreciate this gift of yours very much! I'm hardly trying to find interest in my artist works here in Germany.
My main problem is that I want to reach people not only speaking german, ufgh! well but I will go on doing this! if you want to here what kind of music I make, take a glimpse onto my myspace profile www.myspace.com/oodarts
Thanks again and all the best to you! Yours O.O.D.
Get more ideas.
Please link to this page, thanks.
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here`s the link ...
Posted on:
Friday 22nd of May 2015 04:38
here`s the link
first hip hop track
Posted on:
Friday 22nd of May 2015 04:35
Hey dave! I made my first beat with some of your samples, thanks you a lot for all this materials, it`s help me a lot! Cheers from france Littahwoo
Posted on:
Tuesday 3rd of September 2013 04:37
Hey Dave, really appreciate your work and this website, thanks for all this material. I`m trying not to overwhelm myself with the amount of samples I`ve got from this website already, just wondering do you have any vocal cuts/samples ? anything from old vinyl? Cheers