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Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Hello, and welcome to my Organic Live Sound Samples page

Classic old-school Wurlitzer theatre organ control console and keyboard with electronic circuits Having collected so many diverse sounds over the years of music making I have decided to share some of these great sounds with you all.
I have concentrated on 'live' sounds acoustically recorded from real instruments and other sources as opposed to processed electronic sounds of which there are plenty on the net. My passion is for making organic sounding tunes using a digital sampler, it not being practical to use real live instruments in all my recording. This requires a large library of raw sounds which will sound convincingly real when programmed sensitively resulting in music that is so much more interesting to listen to than your regular looped up beats. All the samples I use have been carefully edited with Wavelab so that rhythms split up into many individual beats giving the composer considerable control over the timing, tempo and feel of the music. For each instrument I have tried to include as many multisamples as possible for a live feel (e.g. Instead of one kick drum, there are maybe 8, each with a slightly different sound). I very rarely use loops or timestretching algorithms as they are really hard to integrate into a composition and lose quality as a result of digital processing. I want the original tone and character of the instrument to contribute to the finished music, so I try to leave the original samples as unadulterated as possible, any processing that is necessary can then be done on the final mix if needed.
Classic old-school Wurlitzer theatre organ control console and keyboard with electronic circuits And now the technical stuff. Most of the sounds are multisampled 16 bit 44.1khz '.wav' files packed into 'RAR' archives. The main sampler I use is my trusty old Emagic EXS24ii within Logic Audio 5.5 running on an AMD dual 2.2ghz PC. Ok, I know the EXS24 is getting on a bit but it's never let me down, having rock solid timing and good sound quality with minimal processor load. Of course the new standard is now the amazing Native Instruments Kontact which is loaded with 'bells and whistles', including incredible realtime timestretch and pitch-shift, but I haven't got round to using it very much so far. Anyway, I have created a simple EXS24 'instrument' for each sound. Emagic exs24 samples work with Ableton Live and Kontakt. This file contains references to wav files in the following location; C:/Samples/FolderName , where 'FolderName' is the folder containing the wav files. In the case of the EXS24 it will expect to find the files in this location and if not it will search certain drives to find the files. Other samplers such as Kontact will probably do the same. The '.exs' file should be put into your 'Sampler Instruments' folder for EXS24 or wherever your sampler looks for it's library. The wavs should be put into your sample library in a place where they can be found, preferably not on the same drive as the Windows OS. Using the '.exs' file you will find that the samples are spread along the keyboard chromatically from C1, and some may have velocity switching. A number of archives (marked '~') contain samples that have not been edited, so you may need to do this yourself using Wavelab or similar. Files marked '#' are pitched keyboard programs. Note: most modern samplers (Kontakt, Halion & Mach5) will import exs24 instruments. I will be adding more archives to this page when time allows, so check again soon.
So, have fun and be creative with these multisampled sounds - pitch them up or down, reverse them, fade them, gate them with note length & ADSR's, swap them around and do anything else as long as it's crazy! If you're feeling generous, you could send me some mp3's of tunes you have made with these samples to showcase on this site. - Dave.
    Exs 24 instruments & multisampled wavs
  1. AccordionAE-nov06 rich sounding & natural #
  2. BossaSnareKit-nov06 latin style
  3. CabassaShort80c-nov06 tight clipped
  4. Cajon6x4130-nov06 crisp spanish percussion
  5. Cajon94-nov06 more spanish rhythm box
  6. Cajon-nov06a another nice cajon
  7. ClapPalmas6x4-nov06 flamenco style
  8. Claps824-nov06 handclap samples
  9. FingercymbalsDampPC110R-nov06 aka Zills
  10. MelodicaHohner1425-nov06 great for Reggae solos #
  11. Scissors6175-nov06 add some snips
  12. Shaker2+3100-nov06 handy cabasa
  13. ShakerSlow070-nov06 lazy percussion
  14. SnareLatin1-nov06 tight and bright
  15. Spanish_box_cajon-nov06 more cajon samples
  16. SticksTapPC115-nov06 wooden clicks
  17. TamborimSnare122-nov06 tight metallic
  18. Tamborine4-nov06 groovy rhythms
  19. Tambourine80-nov06 another nice tambourine
  20. TicTacFoot-nov06 foot stamps
  21. VinylHissPopNoisesMeanBeat-nov06
  22. WashboardScraped369-nov06 rough like guiro
  23. WobbleBoard21772-nov06 bendy metal
  24. Ankle_bells_A_Full-AfCu desert percussion
  25. Claydrum_pinknoise_studio_wavtabla like
  26. Guiro-Lp a nice Latin guiro
  27. HihatsMediterranean1crisp latin style
  28. HihatsMotownKit1 groovy beats
  29. Kicks-RootsFunk great dance sounds
  30. RollingSnareMediterranean1set the pace
  31. Tambourine+ShakerGeniesysSf-30 tabourine and shaker
  32. ThoresTriangleSf-15 ringy triangle
  33. VibraslapRattleWP24 football style
  34. WhistleSambaWP24 carnival time
  35. May 2007
  36. DarbukaBalkanTrad Really versatile percussion
  37. Castanets1533 Spanish flavour
  38. Cowbell875 percussion library
  39. FingerCymbals1138 Oriental mystery (open zills)
  40. Guiro859 Latino rythms
  41. MachineGun unusual sound effects
  42. MandolinTremolo across the roof tiles #
  43. MaqsoumFingerCymbals ringy bells
  44. Melodica_flutter in the breeze #
  45. MelodicaClicks finger taps
  46. MetalBelltreeFlexitoneGongWhistle percussion selection
  47. RecoReco07 traditional metal perc.
  48. Shaker1303 more tops in the mix
  49. Slapstick168 hard percussion sound
  50. SmartLpPKCowbell6 solid percussion
  51. SmartLpPKMaracas1 another soft shaker
  52. SmartLpPKTriangleHi5 we like triangles
  53. Tambourine175 spice up your beats!
  54. Triangle624 open and closed
  55. Washboard369 original wooden scrapes
  56. Woodblock1536 nicely pitched
  57. October 2007
  58. CastanyetaOct07 castanets a la Flamenco!
  59. Claps-Oct07 another handclap collection
  60. ComunicationNoisePulsesOct07 radio noises
  61. ComunicationPulsesOct07 radio 'percussion'
  62. FingerCymbalsOct07 more zills
  63. Gongs-Oct07 five long samples
  64. Handclaps-Oct07 one more for the library
  65. HihatsHumanBeatBoxOct07 old school beats
  66. KickSnareRimHumanBeatBoxOct07 vocal fx
  67. MetalScraperBeatHiveOct07 metallic rhytm
  68. PhoneBeeps+ClicksOct07 dial tones and clicks
  69. RadioBeeps+NoiseOct07 more etheral sounds
  70. RadioTweekPulseOct07 many electric percussion fx
  71. Tambourine3-Oct07 add this to the list
  72. VinylCrackleNoiseOct07- 5 noisy loops
    December 2007
  1. AircraftCalls - pilots numbers
  2. AircraftClicks+Noise -radio distractions
  3. RadioTuning1clicks+noise wireless interference
  4. RadioTuning1music+speech plucked from the airwaves
  5. Ratchet sharp metal wind-up clicks
  6. Rocks+metalPick - quarry anvils
  7. VinylScratch2 - noisy old 78rpm records
  8. PulleySqueak - needs oiling
  9. CardPunch - clunky machine technology
  10. Printer- buzzing and whirring
  11. MotorcycleIdling - big hog chugging over
  12. TelephoneBell - vintage ring sustain
  13. BigClockTick - Victorian grandfather
  14. Footsteps1 - Hitchcock suspense
  15. GlassSmash- smashing 'cymbals'
  16. Footsteps2- noisy scrapes
  17. Hooves- bass-heavy clops on turf
  18. Summer 2008
  19. RhythmAceDrumMachine snare,hihat,conga and clave
  20. StagemanKick+Snare 1970's Doncamatic drum machine
  21. StagemanHihat+Shaker vintage beat box samples
  22. StagemanGuiro+Rattle old school percussion wavs
  23. StagemanRimWoodBongoConga electro Latin fx
  24. TelegraphKeyClick 19th century rimshot
  25. PhoneReceiverSlam vintage 1930's communications
  26. CarHorn honks and toots
  27. WoodRattle sharp clicks
  28. PhoneBell long sustain telephone
  29. TrainBell vintage crossing sound
  30. PhoneRattle old reciever clicks
  31. TelephoneBeepsAndClicks sounds on the line
  32. TelephoneMechanism whirring technology
  33. HootsWhistlesAndTVHum steam horns, cars and old TV
  34. UnivoxHihat vintage rhythm box, clicky
  35. UnivoxSnare noisy snares
  36. UnivoxKickAndPercussion conga, bongos, woodblock
  37. UnivoxSnareDrumRolls snare crescendos
  38. HumanBeatbox vocal kick, snare and hihat
  39. VintageElectricKickDrums 1970's drum machines
  40. OarsSplash cooling ambient water drums
  41. StylophoneVibrato Rolf's original #
  42. StylophonePads dry #
  43. KorgMS20Percussion 7 electric bleeps
  44. FactoryHammer metallic clanks
  45. MachineClanks hissy clanks
  46. WaterBubbles aquatic percussion fx
  47. GrandfatherClock deep, slow tocks
  48. ComputerAlphabet speak 'n' spell samples
  49. ApplauseRhythmClaps why are we waiting?
  50. PhoneDialingPulseClicks old electric pulses
  51. HammerRingy ringy metallic clinks
  52. SawRhythm chugging woodsaw rhythm
  53. StepsLeather deep steps and creaky shoes
  54. ClockBell 3 soft high bells and mechanism
  55. RadioTuningNoise fizzy squelches, looped
  56. BuzzClicks dialing pops
  57. RadioMotorNoise strange buzzing, looped
  58. RadioWTNoise noise, clicks and squeaks, looped
  59. SystemTone calculator tunes #
  60. MusicBox ice cream tunes #
  61. MetalShakerOrient - ethnic tambourine rattles
  62. DrumOrient ethnic 'darbuka' drum, 29 edits
  63. SlotMachine machine clunk and rattle
  64. Vinyl78rpm hissy, scratchy acetate loops
  65. DiscoHorn+TrainBeepBB16 electric disco DJ fx
  66. FlexatoneBB16 bendy metal percussion
  67. GuiroFastBB16 64 rising taps
  68. PhoneDialClicks20thCsfx9 light metal ticking
  69. TelegraphTaps20thCsfx9 wooden clunks
  70. TelePrinter20thCsfx9 noisy mechanism
  71. WhistlePartyBB16 brazilian style
  72. TambourineEasydrum crusty analog rhythm box
  73. CabasaAlbino smooth, noisy and analog
  74. CrashRideCymbalAnalog sustained noisy cymbals
  75. HihatAlbino367 crisp synthesized hihats
  76. KicksClapsAndClave-Albino1 nice analog drum section
  77. assorted
  78. 4HammondOrganSoundFonts multisamples #
  79. AssortedShakers maracas, cowbell and bell toll ~
  80. AssortedLatinPercussionWavSamplesAndLoopsFLV1 agogo, cabasa, cajon, cowbell, guiro, hihat, timbale & whistle ~
  81. assorted_foot_stamp_wav_samples foot-stamps and taps for Flamenco
Phew, that's all for this month. Next up, lots of old 70's rhythm boxes. Any requests?

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You sir are amazing. What is this, years of work? Like someone already said, not all heroes wear capes.
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Thanks for that good samples ! ...
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Thanks for that good samples !
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You sir, are a king amongst men. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
You rule
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You sir, are a king amongst men. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
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One of the best resources I`ve found on the net, thank you for such a wealth of material to use. Jake
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Just wanted to extend a hearty thank you! Thank you VERY much for making all of this...it must have been a lot of work, but probably a labor of love! I will be listening to as many of these as I can for weeks!
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Did we Just become best friends? (step brothers the movie)
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grazie caro!! molto utile! Thanks
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dre, aka d`fnk
dave mate i love all the stuff on your site, i use many of your samples in my projects, all tracks are unfinished so hoping to finish some this year! i could`nt seem to be able to email you to say thanks, we need more people to invest their time in making sites like this, much luv bro
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:D good man
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Its great here, like hitting a treasurecave! thanks
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This is the second time I`ve stumbled across this website, and the second time I`ve downloaded HEAPS of your stuff. You are great and you have a wonderful website. Thanks for your genorosity!
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When I try to download any of the files, it says: High security alert!!! You are not permitted to download the file... --------------------------------------- Postscript: I`m so sorry to trouble you, I think it was a problem with the internet connection I was using... I tried it again with my home internet, and all is fine :) Thanks so much for your quick reply and the great resources you`ve provided on your site!
get some soul samples. like voca ...
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Tuesday 9th of February 2010 01:34
get some soul samples. like vocals and riff. drums etc. i love old souls! lol richb3
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