Please note: my hosting account for this site will END in October 2018 so it may not be available after that date. I STRONGLY advise everyone to download ALL the samples before that date.
Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Download free household sound samples

Download 'em all!
I'd love to hear what you can make with them. (Let me know if there are any files missing from the archives.) - archives contain .wav and .exs files and are around 1MB in size
My current favourites of the current crop are BottlesSmash (me having a smashing time with some old wine bottles - makes a great overlay for crash cymbals!), CongaScrew (a nice, gritty, metallic guiro effect, with wooden resonance tones), GraterKnife1rwNina (just how rough can you get if you need percussion!) and WaterTank1 (spooky, metal drips - great with lots of echo!). Diamonica is a small mouth organ / accordian type instrument.
UPDATE: Just uploaded an extra twenty lost archives from the vaults - especially check out the 'Saucepan Orchestra', numbers 87-90, a great poor-mans timbale section!
And below, new for 2011, are some great splashy water sounds that can add a bit of percussion colour
Don't forget to email me if you wish to be informed of updates to the samples archive or have any comments or suggestions to make. (Look for the mail icon on the top left of this page)
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Cheers for giving these all away ...
Posted on:
Friday 11th of November 2016 06:46
Cheers for giving these all away man. Quality stuff.
Posted on:
Friday 15th of July 2016 13:03
What a totally ace site. Well done. Q - Do you have the sound of spoons? [slapped against thigh etc]
Too fresh my man
Posted on:
Tuesday 19th of April 2016 08:16
this is lit!! you`re the man dave40, u need beats i got u fam
thanksss a lot
Posted on:
Wednesday 19th of February 2014 00:09
John Barsik
thanks a lot man. All of this will be really usefull for me. Im a techno music producer,also a dj. A few of my tracks has been played at one of the best clubs here in argentina. Im still growing and this is awesome!! sorry for the spelling, my english is not the best. regards from buenos aires. search me on fb! John Barsik
How can I download it all in one ...
Posted on:
Tuesday 7th of January 2014 21:58
How can I download it all in one whop
...i like it...
Posted on:
Saturday 10th of April 2010 05:44
many many thanx ;) ...great stuff :D ...cya
Posted on:
Tuesday 9th of February 2010 01:19
thanks alot man!
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