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Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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We just love those old-style analog beat boxes - there`s nothing like the sound of noisy, overdriven, crusty, low bit-rate drums and percussion

Sample lovely sounding lo-fi beats from electric circuits. Photo courtesy of www.stefanv.com
  1. PerkbeatChipDrums1 - Kraftwerk style electro kick, clap & click
  2. PerkbeatChipDrums2 - Clicky electronic beeps and snares
  3. PerkbeatChipDrums3 - Noisy hihats and metallic beeps
  4. PerkbeatChipDrums4 - Digital snare, shaker and hihats
  5. PerkbeatChipDrums5 - Heavy kicks, hihats and clap
  6. PerkbeatChipDrums6 - Monster kicks and strange digital noises
  7. Typhoon_LowRate_ToyBeat_and_MT100 - Assorted kick, snare, hihat & percussion
  8. AnalogMikeDredKickAndPercussion - Tough synth kick and pulses
  9. MC01AnalogDrumkit - Unusual kicks, snares & percussion
  10. HihatsAsstMach-1 - Various crisp hihats & cymbals
  11. PercussionAsstMach1low - Clap, clave, rimshot & bongo
  12. PercussionAsstMach2high - Tambourine, shaker, cowbell, guiro & cymbal
  13. SoundtechAnalogKickSnareWoodblock - Lovely analog multisamples
  14. SoundtechAnalogClosedHihatAndClick -           "
  15. WignerAnalogPercussion1 - Squeaky synth fx (& kicks)
  16. MCodesAnalogDrums - Noisy clicks, squeaks, clicks and kicks
  17. AnalogDrumsKickOpenAndClosedHihat1 - Soft vintage noise
  18. ChrisHomeOrganKickSnareHihatRimshot - More classic drums
  19. BoyInABand-lowBitRateDrums - Chiptunes kick, snare, hihat and percussion
This is the first of my new analog drums selection. I've got a lot more editing to do, so it may take me some time to upload everthing I have onto this page. Please bear with me, thanks.
Each .rar archive contains edited wav files as individual hits. Also included is an .exs program file, enabling you to load a keygroup of samples into any modern soft-sampler - such as Logic Audio, Ableton Live, Cubase and Kontakt.
Electric organ with built-in rhythm box - free anologue kick, snare, hihat, cymbal, congas, cowbell and rimshot samples.
Get more samples.
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Wednesday 26th of February 2014 07:32
here is a beat I made with your samples.It is on you tube on the link bellow. Thank a million...
Posted on:
Thursday 30th of June 2011 18:48
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Sunday 12th of June 2011 06:40
ik zoek dit ivm het nadoen van jarre
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