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Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Whilst getting to know the Albino plug-in synth I found it useful to note down my first impressions of each digital oscillator wave

These are just my own personal, subjective opinions of the various digital waveforms available on the Albino 3 vst synthesiser.
Though not yet fully familiar with this fantastic sound machine I made a few quick observations whilst playing these waves with a standard arpeggio pattern.
1: Whilst using maximum polyphony, opening up the amplifier release and adding 60% spread (oscillator detune) created some powerful pad sounds. Niiiice!
2: Of course, the raw waves sound a bit unpleasant, but careful (or reckless) use of the Albino's filters with envelope shows the true potential of these sonic building blocks.
3: Did I say reckless? The Scream highpass filter with heavy saturation and resonance on a low sawtooth is like a chainsaw through sheet metal! Makes an overdiven Roland TB303 sound like a teddybears picnic.
Front panel view of the Linplug Albino synthesizer vst plug-in.
  1. Spectr01 Electric music box
  2. Spectr02 Buzzy pluck
  3. Spectr03 Thin electric harp
  4. Spectr04 Rich electric harp
  5. Spectr05 Organ thin mids
  6. Spectr06 Organ strong mid harmonic
  7. Spectr07 Musical bright pluck
  8. Spectr08 Glass harmonics low fundamental
  9. Spectr09 Glass chimes
  10. Spectr10 Organ harmonics with glass harmonics
  11. Spectr11 Electric guitar high harmonics thin
  12. Spectr12 Electric guitar high harmonics
  13. Spectr13 Electric piano bright
  14. Spectr14 Electric piano wooden
  15. Spectr15 Electric harp
  16. Spectr16 Electric harp thin
  17. Spectr17 Hollow electric piano loud tops
  18. Spectr18 Hollow electric piano
  19. Spectr19 Hollow electric piano bright
  20. Spectr20 Electric keys pluck
  21. Spectr21 Electric keys pluck thin
  22. Spectr22 Electric piano soft
  23. Spectr23 Electric piano overdrive
  24. Spectr24 Electric piano
  25. Spectr25 Hollow pipes bright square
  26. Spectr26 Hollow with unmusical tones
  27. Spectr27 Mute electric guitar
  28. Spectr28 Electric guitar
  29. Spectr29 Musical 2nd harmonic
  30. Spectr30 Plucked with unmusical tones
  31. Spectr31 Guitar with unmusical tones
  32. Spectr32 Square with unmusical tones
  33. Spectr33 Glass harp
  34. Spectr34 Square harp
  35. Spectr35 Square with harsh tops
  36. Spectr36 Brigh fm tone
  37. Spectr37 FM tone midrange
  38. Spectr38 Celeste
  39. Spectr39 Bell like
  41. Spectr40 Plucked keys with bright harmonic
  42. Spectr41 Plucked keys with unusual harmonic
  43. Spectr42 Musical keys with bright tones
  44. Spectr43 Musical keyboard with harsh tones
  45. Spectr44 Wurly piano like
  46. Spectr45 Guitar with discordant highs
  47. Spectr46 Electric piano
  48. Spectr47 Glassy music box
  49. Spectr48 Music box
  50. Spectr49 Bright nasal
  51. Spectr50 Twangy grating highs
  52. Spectr51 Sine plus glassy highs
  53. Spectr52 Sine plus guitar highs
  54. Spectr53 Sine plus discordant highs
  55. Spectr54 Sine plus high freqs
  56. Spectr55 Bright square musical tones
  57. Spectr56 High freq plucked
  58. Spectr57 Harpsi like
  59. Spectr58 Unmisical square
  60. Spectr59 Percussive organ
  61. Spectr60 Percussive organ
  62. Spectr61 Guitar like
  63. Spectr62 Musical high guitar tones
  64. Spectr63 Discordant overtones
  65. Spectr64 Hi freq overtones
  66. Spectr65 Sine with metallic
  67. Spectr66 Square xylo
  68. Spectr67 Thin pulse
  69. Spectr68 Wurly piano like
  70. Spectr69 Glassy xylo
  71. Spectr70 Hollow square
  72. Spectr71 Calvinet guitar
  73. Spectr72 Thin square
  74. Spectr73 Melodic wave
  75. Spectr74 Square hollow organ
  76. Spectr75 Twangy bass guitar like
  78. Sine Regular wave
  79. Triangle Regular wave
  80. Sawtooth Regular wave
  81. Square1 Regular 50% wave
  82. Square2 Halfway bass to tops
  83. Square3 Buzzy, less bass & mids
  84. Organ1 Thin buzzy saw, melodic
  85. Organ2 Pleasant harmonics
  86. Organ3 Saw octave sync, musical overtones
  87. RichSaw1 Regular saw, very reduced midrange
  88. RichSaw2 No mid, strong upper mid harmonic
  89. RichSaw3 No mid & top, strong upper mid harmonic
  90. RichSaw4 Thin saw, extra top harmonics
  91. SawSpect1 Thin saw, extra top harmonics
  92. SawSpectr2 Regular saw, mid eq
  93. VintSaw1 Saw and square, electric piano
  94. VintSaw2 Hollow saw, loud upper mid
  95. VintSaw3 Pleasant rounded saw, low tops
  96. SawBass1 Bass, loud mid harmonic & tops
  97. SawBass2 Warm sine, rich synth buzz
  98. SawBass3 Deep sine, subtle upper mids
  99. SawBass4 Subtle bass, strong upper harmonic
  100. SawBass5 Rounded, nice mid synth tones
  101. SawBass6 Mute electric bass
  102. SawBass7 Authoritative saw bass
  103. SawBass8 Subtle, no tops
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Read more about and download the Albino synth at Linplug
Dave, December 2011
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