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Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Using the latest software synthesizers to create intruments, drums and sound effects.

A classic modular synth panel. Read Dave`s ideas for getting the best sounds from your software synthesiser.
I've taken some time off from my sampling adventures to deep-dip into the world of synth sound design. Having always been a fan of music made by circuits and wires I really wanted to get a better understanding of how to create useable and useful sounds for use in my productions. I'm not a big fan of the presets you get with soft-synths and there is so much sound-generating potential behind the new generation of synths, with their wave modifiers, super-nice sounding analog filters, waveshapers and effects. I'm thinking mainly here of my favourite, fun-to-program synth Surge and also the deep, powerfull Zebra.
To start with here is a pack of some of the best synth programming tutorials I have found around the worldwide web. If, like me, you want to get to grips with coaxing great sounding patches from your gear that sit well in your tracks and compositions, then read on...
  1. Zip file of 19 synthesizer tutorials as .pdf documents (Updated May 2012) 40MB
  2. A quick and easy guide to the fine points of basic patches - pdf - a really nice walk-through of creating Brass, Bass, Strings, Leads, Keyboards & Sound FX using basic subtractive, analogue techniques. Focussing on traditional, acoustics sounds it's nevertheless a good starting point for synthesising those basic instruments we all use. * Recommended by Dave (June 2012)
More ideas on the index page here.
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What`s a good source of soft, background-y pad sounds?
Posted on:
Monday 2nd of May 2016 02:05
Christopher Burke
My E_mail is ulrichburke at hotmail dot com, if I try putting that in the E_mail box it just gets spat back out again saying I`ve used website characters, I dunno why. Dave, you could really help a wannabe here! I`m looking for soft background pad sounds, New Age style. Medwyn Goodall, Karunesh, Mike Rowland, lead sound, rhythm section, bee-YOU-tiful pad as jam in sandwich. All the pads I find are far too trance-lead-sound, but there`s `undreds of composers using these lovely soft ones. Do you know any VSTs - can`t afford rackmounts - with those kinda sounds, or presets that could be layered/tweaked into those kinda sounds (Yellow Brick Cinema on YouTube has close-on the ultimate collection of them, theirs are so phatt and awesome they write entire pieces using them and I`d give bodyparts to know what VSTs they come from!) Any ideas? Yours hopefully, Chris.
Wow this is awesome. One of them ...
Posted on:
Sunday 23rd of February 2014 09:38
Wow this is awesome. One of them is from way back in 1985 and it is still relevant. Thanks a lot.
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