Please note: my hosting account for this site will END in October 2018 so it may not be available after that date. I STRONGLY advise everyone to download ALL the samples before that date.
Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Specially by request I`ve searched my sample hard-drive for these authentic Ride Cymbal programs to load into your soft-sampler.

Digital display of a ride cymbal waveform file edited for Ableton sampler.
To complement my classic Kick, Snare and Hihat archives I have now added these .rar archives of great-sounding Ride Cymbals. All are in .wav format (635 samples in total) with additional Emagic .exs keymap files for easy loading into Kontakt, Halion, Mach-5, Ableton and Logic Audio software samplers.
Note for producers and mix engineers: As with any analogue sample from vintage sources they can be a little 'dirty', unlike the polished sample packs you pay a lot of money for. One major issue is sub-sonic and low frequency noise and distortion which is very hard to hear but plays havoc with level compressors and can magically 'trash' your mix, making it sound weak and distant. I suggest that such samples (except kick drums and basses) be routed through a high-quality EQ/filter plug-in situated at the output of the sample player module - this should be set to remove bass frequencies below 200Hz.
As with all these samples feel free to what you wish with them - edit, re-mix, re-assemble, re-pack or upload - but please include a reference back to this site, www.dave40.co.uk , in any archives and on your website (much appreciated, thanks). They are supplied "as is" so I cannot comment on any clearance or licensing issues, sorry.
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Thank you very much :)
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Tanks for the free samples. Been trying to send you a link with the beat I made with your samples. youtube.com/watch?v=aBhKA-Digrg
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