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Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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Celebrating the sensational Surge soft-synth VST plugin

Grab-for-free these authentic-sounding live hihat cymbal samples at dave40.co.uk
Where to begin ...?
First go to the designer's website to check out this incredible software at vemberaudio.se/surge.php
I've been looking for just one software synth that I can get to know really well and that can handle all my sound-production needs and having tried quite a few, including Zebra, I have decided to go for this one. And I don't regret it.
It's got soul. By that I mean it's a synth with character that seems capable of making sounds come to life and sound like they are from the real world. This is mainly thanks to it's great wave-shaper algorithms and lovely-sounding filters. I have set myself a mission of creating full musical productions using Surge as the only sound source, with a little help from the Reaper recording system and a few nice-sounding fx plug-ins.
Anyway, that's enough praise from me, so have a listen to my short musical mp3 productions at Sounds of Surge Soundcloud recorded under the artist name The Fascinator.
And for those of you who want more .. grab the zip of my latest .fxp programs for Surge, below.

Patches archive:
  1. 22 June 2014

  2. I have provided just one zip archive of Surge patches, but will re-compile and upload this as new sounds become available. Featured patches include: kicks, snares, hihats, keyboards, acoustic instruments, sound effects, pads, brass , bass , guitar and percussion. You will, of course, need to install Surge before you can play these vst programs. Enjoy & have fun - Dave.
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