Please note: my hosting account for this site will END in October 2018 so it may not be available after that date. I STRONGLY advise everyone to download ALL the samples before that date.
Dave in the studio with MXR analog phaser and flanger effects unit
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To complement my other beats-packs here are samples of Shakers, Caxixi, Cabasa, Guiro, Rainmaker and Tambourine.

As with most of the free sample-packs on www.dave40.co.uk these .wav files have been packed into .rar archives to reduce size without loss of sound quality.
Once downloaded they can be unpacked and copied to your soft-sampler directory. The accompanying .exs text files will enable most modern sample-players to load the sounds as a keygroup for instant play-ability. Compatible with Emagic exs24, Kontakt, Mach Five, Steinberg Halion and Ableton. The number of invidual sample-edits is 1746.
Don't forget to check out my other packs for beats-producers: Kick, Snare, Rare Rides and Hihat. This takes the hard work out of finding the right sounds to make those authentic-sounding drum-tracks.
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